Zakynthos Vesalius Triennial 2017

2nd Triennial Vesalius Conference

2ο Τριετές Συνέδριο Βεζαλ

26-29 May 2017 I Zakynthos, Greece

26-29 Μαΐου 2017 I Ζάκυνθος, Ελλάδα





Denia Vithoulka was born in Zakynthos and she is an MSc Business and Financial Economics graduate from the University of Greenwich in London.


Denia has worked tirelessly for the Municipality of Zakynthos, promoting the island and its diversity to all European and International countries.


Currently, she is the Financial Director of the Local Development Company “S.A.Z.A.E” and she prides herself on running the family business in organizing conferences and events in Zakynthos. She travels widely throughout Europe to attend fairs and cultural events in the quest to bring tourism and diversity to the island.


Her weekly routines, include swimming, dancing Kizomba and training OKINAWA KARATE. In her free time, she enjoys dinning and a good glass of wine with the company of family and friends.


Time Capsule of Zakynthos




Directed and edited by Nick Kontostavlakis


Photography: Nick Kontostavlakis & Nikos Pomonis


Music : ATB feat, Amurai Love and Light


Produced by Beyond My Eyes Cinematography




Enchanting Zakynthos in 4K

Levante Ferries




Produced by Beyond My Eyes Cinematography


Music: Hans Zimmer, Time



13-14 May 2017 Pre-Conference VESAL CUP




The Association of Zakynthos Soccer Clubs, (Ε.P.S.), the Athletic & Nautical club of Zakynthos (A.N.O.Z.), the Athletic and Gymnastic Union of Zakynthos (A.G.E.Z.), together with the Primary School Education of Zakynthos and the Municipality of Zakynthos, have organised the "Vesal Cup", an athletic and fun event, featuring beach soccer, swimming and running events.


With support of Vice Mayor Tassos Botonis and the Representative of the local community of Keri Spiros Liveris.


For all participants: unique medals referring to Vesalius on Zakynthos


Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 May 2017

Keri Lake

From 09h00 till 19h00


BEACH SOCCER EVENT – organised by E.P.S.


SWIMMING EVENT - organised by A.N.O.Z.

1. 1000m. FREE MEN

2. 1000m. FREE WOMEN


RUNNING EVENT - organised by A.G.E.Z.

3000 meter for both women & men


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