Words of Welcome

Zakynthos Vesalius Triennial 2017

2nd Triennial Vesalius Conference

2ο Τριετές Συνέδριο Βεζαλ

26-29 May 2017 I Zakynthos, Greece

26-29 Μαΐου 2017 I Ζάκυνθος, Ελλάδα






We welcome you to our second Vesalius Triennial 2017 on the beautiful Ionian island of Zakynthos.


Zante is the final resting place of Andreas Vesalius. It is also the home of the 19th century poet Andreas Kalvos.


At the conference we will commemorate both inspiring persons and focus on how the collaboration between a scientist and an artist can result in a new inspiring era.


One of the great successes of Vesalius’ opus magnum, the “Fabrica”, was the introduction of illustrations to facilitate the understanding of the human body. Vesalius knew that, in order to accomplish this goal, artists such as Jan Stevens, had a crucial role in depicting the human body with such an accuracy as no one had ever done before.


Ever since the publication of the “Fabrica” in 1543, numerous scientists, anatomists, physicians and many other researchers published their work based on Vesalius’ medical principles and anatomical illustrations.

Because of the tremendous impact of Vesalius’ work and life on our current medical and scientific thinking, historians try to discover and reconstruct every minute of the genius’ live, his personality, way of living, work, relationships with colleagues, travels, academic affiliations and much more…. This resulted in numerous works written on Vesalius by Boerhaave, Burggraeve, Roth, Cushing, O’Malley, Garrison, Hast, Nutton, Vons, Steeno, Biesbrouck, Goddeeris and many others. Each of them revealing a little piece of evidence.


The conference program will focus and add some new evidence to historical facts of the great anatomist by the most notorious Vesalian historians from all over the world.


We hope that this meeting not only will fascinate you and supply you with new knowledge but also will result in stimulating younger researchers to continue the work of all presenting faculty members and further unravel Vesalius’ great legacy.



Scientific Program Committee

The 2nd Triennial Vesalius Conference







As the Mayor of Zakynthos,



I welcome the opening of the Zakynthos Vesalius Triennial 2017 Congress, from 26-29 of May 2017, in honor of the great anatomist Vesalius.


I wish the success of the work of this Congress and welcome the precious presence of all of you.


The Zakynthos of culture and art, poetry and natural beauty, tradition and music…


The Zakynthos of Foskolos and Kalvos, and of our national poet Dionysios Solomos, welcomes you warmly!




Pavlos Kolokotsas

Mayor Zakynthos
















Distinguished delegates and honourable scientific program committee,




Between 26th and 29th of May 2017, the people of Zakynthos island will welcome the 2nd Triennial Vesalius Conference for the second time, having hosted the Vesalius Continuum Conference in 2014 under the theme 500 years of Andreas Vesalius.


This year we are particularly honoured and happy to host this poly-thematic Conference, which aims to act as a meeting point for Medicine, Poetry, History and the Culture of Zakynthos.


Besides great learning and networking opportunities with 50 distinguished delegates, Zakynthos island with its world famous Shipwreck Beach, Blue Caves and delicious food, will offer fascinating possibilities for both cultural and outdoor activities.


I am looking forward to warmly welcome you in Zakynthos in May 2017!



Denia Vithoulka

Local Vesalius Conference Coordinator




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